Myles Underground is a fantastical math adventure game for learners aged 5-8

Coming this Summer!

Join Myles on a delightful adventure through lush underground worlds.
Explore, make new friends, and use your math skills to help them solve problems.


A Game First

Myles Underground is a game first, where kids will learn by playing and exploring. Kids love it, and that's something parents can feel good about.


A Perfect Fit

Myles Underground adapts to the learner, so the challenge is always just right for players of all skill levels.


A Great Addition

Myles Underground is based on North American standard math curriculum, so your child can get engaged with the same concepts they see in the classroom.

Fun Rewards

A Pure Experience

We promise to deliver an experience free of ads and in-app purchases. Pay once, get the whole game.

Bumi is a group of three like-minded individuals who take great care to create quality educational experiences.

Aaron Florian

Art Director with a love of drawing, education, and storytelling

Amesh Narsing

Interdisciplinary veteran of game development and design

Dave Irons

Expert in user experience and interface design with a focus on educational psychology

We new friends!

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